A statement from Belle Aire Kennels’ owner:

Since I was 15 years old and enjoyed the company of Tapey my first dog I knew how special dogs and all animals are.  I would like to separate fact from fiction and ask that you be so kind as to read the next few sentences.

Fact, after years of great reviews there was very recently one complaint to the police from only one person who happens to have a family member who owns the property behind us. The alleged complaint came from this property where the alleged abuse was witnessed.

Fact, police came, investigated and issued no tickets & no warnings. The police officer specifically wrote in the police report, “I had inspected both dogs and did not have any evidence of abuse”

Fact, the house where the complaint came from may potentially be worth more money without a dog kennel directly behind them.

Fact, years before I became the new owner some neighbors around us tried to shut down the business through a petition but failed. The kennel has been here since the 1930’s.  We LOVE dogs which is why the kennel is still here.  Do they?

Fact, there was only the one police report from the one person from the house behind our facility. There were no other police reports as falsely alleged in some reviews.

Fact, I have a wife and 5 beautiful children who love the dogs in our facility as much as I do.  They love being a part of our guests stay with us.  As you can imagine this is a special setting and a special way to grow up.

Fact, it is amazing how quickly people will try to destroy a family’s livelihood and safety without even bothering to wait for the other side of a story or to look at what someone’s motivation may or may not be.

Fact, I have read some of the most cruel things written about us since this false allegation recently came out. These are from people who many of which never stepped foot in our facility but instead took the word of only one person and ignored years of great service and amazing reviews. These comments hurt and have brought sadness and devastation to our family that you can’t begin to imagine.

Fact, one of the things that scares me the most is what may happen to the dogs that we know by name and have taken such great care of for years. We know how well we’ve treated our four legged friends and it frightens me that they may because of one person’s absolutely false allegation end up in a facility that does not share the same love and affection that we do.

Fact, I would never for one second tolerate even the slightest hint of mistreatment in any animal of any kind. If I ever so much as saw the slightest hint of mistreatment I not only would terminate the employment of any such person but would go after them to the fullest extent of the law.

There is nobody and no facility anywhere that cares more for animals than we do. I plead with you to please look at our amazing past reputation and consider what a person’s real motivation may be. If they put us out of business do people stand to gain financially if a dog kennel is no longer in their neighborhood?

I would like to address one other falsehood that has been spread since this all started.  It is from a disgruntled former employee we were forced to terminate 1 1/2 years ago.  This former employee now claims that while working for us she witnessed numerous instances of abuse carried out.  One big thing comes to mind; what kind of a person allegedly watches numerous instances of abuse to dogs and doesn’t call the police immediately?  If this person really feels she witnessed this and didn’t call law enforcement, that’s reprehensible!  Why wouldn’t she immediately quit working in such an alleged place?  Why instead did she wait to get terminated?  Fact is dogs cannot speak up for themselves and it’s up to humans to do so for them.  A dog’s safety is worth more than any job and needs to be protected.  I encourage anyone that sees abuse of any animal to call the police immediately!!  For the record, there has been only one police report filed that involved Belle Aire Kennels and that was in the last week.  In the report the officer specifically wrote, “I had inspected both dogs and did not have any evidence of abuse”.  That’s it, just the one report that after being investigated did not document even the slightest abuse of any kind.  Belle Aire Kennels loves all animals and since the 1930’s has taken amazing care of them…

Lastly, I again ask that you please take the time to look at our wonderful past reviews and if you know people that have taken their dogs to us, take the time and ask them about us. They will tell you how much we truly love all animals.

John & Melissa
Owners of Belle Aire Kennels

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Our climate controlled kennel is designed to provide a quiet and
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Our experienced pet groomers are highly trained professionals who
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Pet Day Care

Our pet day care service provides a stimulating social environment as an
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Located in Downers Grove, Belle Aire Kennels provides quality pet care options including pet groomer, pet day care and pet boarding services for dogs, cats, birds and more.

Our wonderful facility is located in a quiet residential neighborhood that is convenient for pet owners in most Chicago suburbs.

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Not all kennels are the same. Upon your visit to Belle Aire Kennels, you will notice the difference. We take pride in providing proper care for your animals.

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As a premier dog day care center in Downers Grove, Belle Aire Kennels believes that your pet deserves top-notch care. Our kennels are safe and clean. We ensure your pet is comfortable, by providing a climate controlled kennel that is quiet and secure for your pet while you are away. Many liken our kennel to a pet resort, and we are proud of that.

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